Wonderland Wedding | Boutique Souk

I was fortunate to work again with the amazing Boutique Souk on Vasilisa and Michael's incredible wonderland inspired wedding. I designed and created a complete bespoke stationery suite including invitation boxes and under the guide of the insanely talented Zoe Horner we created over 100 paper flowers for the ceremony and dinner spaces at the stunning La Mamounia. Each petal was hand cut, hand dyed and then constructed by hand to create beautiful larger than life blooms. I also painted artwork that hung in the custom built pink dining room. Head to Boutique Souk to see more images from this dream wedding!


Planning & Production: Boutique Souk

Venue: La Mamounia

Photography: Happiness Corporation


As featured in:  Tatler Russia, Prime Traveller Magazine



Chabi Chic

I was so excited when Chabi Chic got in touch with me about working with them to create a series of illustrations for their Christmas product booklet. Their products are beautifully handmade in Morocco and if you're ever in Marrakech, a visit to any one of their beautiful shops is a must!

The brief was to create five illustrations that represented the journey their products take from production - handmade of course, to delivery!

vsco-photo-1 (38).jpg
vsco-photo-4 (9).jpg
vsco-photo-3 (17).jpg
vsco-photo-2 (25).jpg
vsco-photo-5 (4).jpg
vsco-photo-3 (18).jpg
vsco-photo-4 (10).jpg
vsco-photo-1 (39).jpg
vsco-photo-2 (26).jpg

Interview | 3petitspoints Magazine

There's a little interview in the 3rd issue of 3petitspoints about my work and inspirations. It's in French so I've included the full interview in English. The issue focuses on travel and voyages which is a theme very close to my heart. Forever restless and forever thirsty for new adventures. The magazine is so beautifully put together I suggest grabbing a copy!

- Hi Rosie, how are you? Who are you and what do you do?

Hi Isabelle, I'm very well thanks. I'm an Illustrator and print designer living in the UK who works across many areas including kidswear, textile design and stationery as well as branding and logo design.

- Could you let us know about the process that lies behind your illustrations?

When I'm working on a commission I always start with a mood/ideas board. I like to narrow down the brief and understand exactly what the client is requiring, it also helps me focus my ideas and quickly get a sense of the direction. As nearly all my artwork is hand painted this first step is so important so as to reduce the need to re-paint any areas. I generally paint all the different elements, scan into Photoshop and then 'collage' artwork together so I can play around with composition. I like to listen to music or podcasts when I'm painting to help me get into the 'zone'. There's nothing better than being totally immersed in a painting, when it naturally flows. That's when I produce the best work!

- What does art mean to you?

Art has been integral to my life and to my soul ever since I can remember. My mother studied fashion design and is a huge collector of textiles and so I was exposed to colour, pattern and art from a very early age and have always been encouraged to explore my creative personality. Art to me is so ingrained in my life that in some ways there is no overlap between art and living. It's how I express myself and not just in the illustration sense. Art embodied in music and movement is also vital to my personal wellbeing so I suppose Art is life.

- Could you tell us the story that lies behind this illustration?

This illustration is for a couple who are getting married in Marrakech. The couple wanted me to illustrate this joyous occasion as a wedding procession through the streets of Marrakech. The bride is Russian and part of her name means fox hence the little foxes carrying her along and she is wearing traditional Russian dress. Her husband-to-be is Moroccan as seen riding a very fancy camel behind. They are getting married with Boutique Souk Weddings who I regularly work with which means often travelling to Morocco. I gain so much inspiration when I'm there and it has definitely inspired and influenced a lot of my work.  

- Who and what are you artistic inspirations?

Ah I'm inspired by so many incredibly talented artists and illustrators including the beautiful colours of Pegge Hopper's work, the stunning botanical works of Katie Scott and the tropical scenes of Paul Gauguin. I'm fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the UK in the Devon Countryside between the moors and the sea so gain a lot of inspiration from being surrounded by nature and as I mentioned, travelling to Morocco, the colours, the architecture and the beautiful tiles and textiles. 

- This issue is about travelling, what does the theme inspire you?

I'm fascinated by other cultures and love to travel. Change is really important to me in terms of being inspired and travel is good for the soul, it invigorates and questions the norm. This theme inspires me as it conjures up memories of other countries, other smells and other sights and moods.

- Are you an adventurous person?

Yes! I need adventure in order to feel alive! 

- Amongst your latest travels, which one did you prefer and why?

I travelled to Mexico last year and it was an incredible experience. The interesting history, the stunning and colourful folk art and the incredible ruins and temples were fascinating! I'm such a sunshine girl and love the heat or the tropics. I'd love to live in a warmer country...

- Name 5 things you never forget to take with you on a trip.

It depends where I'm going but I'd say a small sketchbook, watercolours, camera, hand sanitiser, eye mask.

- Any exciting news you would like to tell us about?

I'm working on a very exciting project involving 300 giant paper flowers but that's all I can say for now...

Brush Lettering Workshop

Join me for a brush lettering workshop aimed at those who are new to lettering or those who want to brush up (pardon the pun) on new skills.

You'll first work on exercises to practice making shapes and brush strokes, then you'll practice writing words with plenty of help and guidance on hand to create a piece of art for you to take home and frame. With plenty of one-to-one help and guidance you'll be well on your way to developing your own brush lettering style.

For more information click here.